Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Phonze

Check out the debut issue (or “furst ishew” according to the cover) of Phonzie Davis' Left Handed Sophie, a story about “a young albino woman corrupted by drug-trafficking and the occult.” You can check out a few of the pages over at the publisher's website http://beehivecomics.blogspot.com/ or check Phonzie on his PERSONAL site, http://phreakhop.com/.

Phonzie's a creator outta Columbus, Ohio where I hail from. Phonzie's style is a frenetic amalgamation of several different subcultures; comics, hip hop, and blacksploitation movies to name a few. He's being compared a lot to R Crumb though honestly they share very little asthetic similarities. The best way to describe Left Handed Sophie would be as a free form jazz piece, or a design canister. You gotta look at the whole thing, soak it in and go back to it again, but when you do, don't be surprised that it reads a little different, maybe sets a different tone with you. Its worth a read for sure.

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