Monday, August 17, 2009

100 of 1000

When I started getting serious about comics in 2007, I was told by someone I respect and admire, that I would hate my first 1000 inked drawings, so I decided that not only was I going to set that as my first goal, I would document it on flickr.

As of 1 year and roughly ten months later, I finally hit 100. It took a lot longer than I expected just to get to what I considered my first mile marker. Of course, when I started this little project, I was working about 60 hours a week or more managing a Starbucks and totally exhausted before I even sat down to draw at home. Its now been almost a year since I've worked there and despite still working 40 hours a week, because it is 8-5, I'm not always exhausted and I know when it is that I can draw.

I'm hoping to do the next 100 within a year which I think is reasonable as I get better and faster. The next 12 months are going to be important. Things are getting too serious now to slow down or for me to be afraid. No glory without sacrifice, no beauty without danger.

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